The Seminar Room

Sapientia magis auro desideranda.

Graduate Workload Snapshot

This month is very busy for me. Novembers typically are very assignment-laden, I’ve learned, and there’s often very little you can do to avoid this traffic jam of competing academic priorities.

For the curious, my academic involvements this month:

4th-7th: The History of Science Society Conference, full of panels and important people to meet.

10th: A 25-minute presentation on the “state of England question” and perceptions of the city for the British urban history in the 19th century seminar.

11th 18th [Full-class extension granted]: A critical bibliography on the medicalization of trans identity for the modern medicine seminar; estimated 30 sources (10 of which should be books) contextualized in the historiography.

30th: Historiographical essay for medieval medicine, examining medicine and materia medica, fortunately only 16 pages.

3rd [December]: A written review/analysis of the readings for one of our seminar weeks (I’ll be doing my presentation week, for ease).

And, of course, the weekly readings and seminar participation as usual.

Irregular Posting

As all dozen of you may have noticed, I haven’t been keeping up with the Grad Diet - or posts of other kinds - very well. Homework tsunamis and personal slumps are to blame.

Nevertheless, do not fear that I have abandoned ship. I am merely a captain who is content to often doze, at least while I sail without stipend and on calm seas with a handful of ‘mates alongside.

Boats Against the Current: Citation Builders


It always disturbs me that so few people know how to cheat on bibliographies and citations. Being in college with the power of the internet at one’s disposal it seems too medieval to draw out citation after citation without help.

Over the years I have collected three websites which help me…

Lesson: Never do work that a computer program will do for you.

Grad Tip: Conference Admission By Volunteering

As a grad student looking to further your involvement and visibility within a field, and as a curious individual besides, chances are you’ll want to be attending a number of conferences during the academic year.

I advise looking these up well in advance; don’t wait for posters in the hallway to tell you. Seek out organizations and faculty heads who are informed about the usual repertoire of conferences in your immediate area, and make a calendar.

Again in advance, find out by asking questions of involved faculty members how you can “volunteer” for these conferences (if you don’t intend to be a speaker, of course.)

By giving three hours to packet stuffing, registration taking, or a coat check, you can often buy yourself a free pass to a weekend or more of engaging talks and lectures. Plus, it looks good on your C.V.

Grad Diet - 15.10.10 {Fri}

1 cup aloe vera juice

1 cup chocolate almond milk

1 small serving lentil soup

1 small side salad

1 small slice vegan chocolate cake

1 cup coffee

1 apple

1 plate of burgol with 1/2 eggplant and 1 small onion with curry sauce

1 bottle Pabst

2 slices cinnamon cream cheese toast

Grad Diet - 14.10.10 {Thur}

1 cup coffee

1 cranberry muffin

5 Timbits

3 crackers

3 slices of cheese

2 small melon slices

2 small pineapple slices

1 small cup wine

1 piece bread, toasted

3 pieces rice cheese mozarella

3 tbsp pine nut hummus

1 veggie dog

1364 mL Pabst Dry

Grad Diet - 13.10.10 {Wed}

1 big bowl raisin granola with soy milk
1 glass aloe vera juice
1 apple
2 cups coffee
1 Mirage chocolate bar
1 bowl soup + veggie dog
1 apple
1 cod liver oil pill
1 vitamin D pill
1 small coconut-flavor dessert tofu packet
1 vegan snack “pizza” (toasted flax seed pita, sauteed onions with tomato sauce, topped with rice cheese)

Grad Diet - 12.10.10 {Tues}

1 cup coffee

1 cup aloe vera juice

2 eggwhites, scrambled

1 piece bread, toasted

1/2 avocado, sauteed

1 veggie dog, sauteed

1 medium Tim Horton’s French vanilla coffee

1 Tim Horton’s honey crueller

1 bowl home-made soup (leftovers; red potatoes, leeks, lentils, bowtie pasta, mushrooms)

1 flax seed pita with pine nut hummus

Eating times: 1:00pm “breakfast,” dinner at 9:30PM, snack around 1:00AM.